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Monday, September 24, 2012

SDSU nursing changes and other info

SDSU has changed their nursing admissions procedure. Transfer students to their generic BSN program will no longer be able to apply for spring semester because this program will only be open for fall transfer. All nursing prerequisites must be completed by the end of fall 2012 for fall 13 admission to the generic nursing program. Students interested in nursing are encouraged to attend a group advising session at SDSU. This info was provided by Jason Ramirez, Undergrad Program Coordinator of SDSU's school of nursing.

Also, effective fall 2012, SDSU is no longer accepting students to the Physical Education emphasis under Exercise Nutritional Sciences due to "budget and lack of student interest." They expect to discontinue the emphasis according to Manuel Sanchez, articulation officer at SDSU. The above info was forwarded by counseling department chair, Cathi Lopez.

Here are links to the SDSU GPA requirements by major, the advisors contact by dept, their TAG, and the local admission area community colleges.

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