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Memorable quote: "It always seems impossible until it is done." -- Nelson Mandela.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

GM Buys 'Green' Tires

Kudos to General Motors, a company which is making a commitment to buy only sustainably harvested rubber for its automobile tires. "This isn't just about going green. It's about driving real business results." -- David Tulauskas, Director of Sustainability at GM. 

GM Commits To 'Green' Natural Rubber For Millions Of Tires appeared in Automotive News on May 15, 2017

Former Homeless Mother Graduates

"Every morning at 5:30 we walked three miles down a country road -- rain, shine, or snow -- just to take you to day care. Then I'd walk the three miles right back to catch the first of my three buses I had to take across town to work." -- Veronica Hughes, Commencement Speaker at Miramar College.

Once Homeless Grad Delivers Miramar Commencement was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on May 20, 2017.

Photographer Lives His Dreams

“I wanted to break away. I was always pretty driven and passionate. I had a motto I still live by today: ‘Don’t die wondering. Die trying.’ ” -- Photographer Travis Burke.

Three Years By Van: Photographer Chasing His Dream was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on May 20, 2017.

Should Marines Integrate Recruitment Training?

"Evidence has been mounting that segregation negatively impacts both performance by and attitudes about women in the Marines. Even male Marines have begun to speak out in favor of integrated boot camp."

Marine Corps Is Dragging Its Feet On Integrating Boot Camp. Why? was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on May 20, 2017.

Your First Job After Graduation

If you are graduating soon, you will probably be looking for that first job after earning your degree. Here are some ways to help yourself land that important job: 50 Things Recent Grads Can Do to Score Their First Job appeared on MSN Money

Charitable Companies

Want to work for a company that donates money to charities? The corporate culture of these companies suggest they are about much more than the bottom line; they are making a difference in their communities. America's 12 Most Charitable Companies appeared on MSN Money. Some of the names on this list will surprise you. 

Corolla Vs Civic

Some people want to buy a new car, something I don't suggest because buying a vehicle used vehicle saves money. Still, if you are itching to buy a new compact car, two of the best for performance, reliability, and value are the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.

How do they compare? Motor Trend and MSN Auto rate the Civic higher. Cars.com has a YouTube video suggesting the Civic is more fun to drive. However, one thing that isn't mentioned is reliability. The April 2017 Consumer Reports rates the Corolla much higher in reliability, meaning it could cost less in repairs over time.

Jobs For People Who Don't Like Talking to Others

Okay, so you're not a "people person" and you want a job where you don't have to communicate a lot. The 7 Best Jobs for Anyone Who Hates Talking to People appeared on MSN Lifestyle.

Note that the article references O*Net and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two useful job/career research sites.

Avoid Being Robbed

If you can prevent your home from being burglarized, you won't lose valuable possessions, money, and time. 21 Things A Burglar Won't Tell You appeared in Reader's Digest and MSN Lifestyle.

Start A Business for Cheap!

Ever wanted to start a business? The cost can be prohibitive but here are some possibilities that won't empty your bank account to start up. 75 Ideas for Businesses You Can Launch For Cheap or Free appeared on MSN Money.

Robot Prints House

Has the price of real estate in San Diego got you down? Here's a possible solution: have a robot print it up for you! A Robot Can Print This $32K House In As Little As 8 Hours appeared on MSN Money.

Star Wars on Saving Money

May the Fourth Be With You! 9 Personal Finance Lessons to Learn from Star Wars

Monday, May 8, 2017

Science and Technology by Kelli Turpin


I’m a fairly private person.  Google my name and the first thing that pops up is my RateMyProfessors.com profile from over a decade ago, then a few things that aren’t about me, then my profile at City’s Counseling website, followed by a bunch of other stuff that also isn’t about me.  (Some of the images connect back to the blog posts I wrote a few years ago.  I didn’t click through all of the images, but the first couple of screens?  Not me.)  A friend from high school found me through the blog a while ago (about three years or so, I think).  Then a few months ago, I got an e-mail from a stranger that rocked my world.
I need to go back to the science part.  (Google is the “technology” part, if you must know. <grin>)
At some point last summer, after many requests from my mother, we ordered two DNA kits from Ancestry.com*.   We duly spit into the little cups and sent them away for processing.  Sometime in September, the results got posted on-line in my account^.  We oohed and aahed and promptly forgot about it.  (For anyone who’s interested: my “ethnicity estimate” is 48% Great Britain, 19% Ireland, and 33% Other Regions, which includes 16% Italy/Greece – that will be important in a minute).
In February, I got an e-mail at work entitled “Ancestry DNA.”  It was a busy time, so I actually didn’t read it until later that day.  I kind of shrugged and thought: Hmm.  Maybe I have a relative at City College!  When I finally read it, I learned that I had a younger sister.  Wrap your mind around that.  This wasn’t like the pages of 4th or 5th cousins that Ancestry’s test had spat out before.  This was an actual sibling.  (Technically, we would share the same amount of DNA if we were first cousins as well, but since we both knew our bio-father’s name and it was the same name, it was siblings.)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earth Day Vehicles

If you can afford a new car and help the planet at the same time, here are some options from the San Diego Union Tribune:

Top 10 Gas/Electric Hybrids

Top 5 Electric Vehicles

Robotic Legs for Paralyzed Vet

“There’s a huge quality-of-life component to being able to stand, to be at eye level with your friends and family and people in the community.” -- VA Physical Therapist John Colaneri

Paralyzed Vet Gets First Robotic Legs from San Diego VA appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on April 20, 2017.

Prom Gowns for Girls in Need

"It was like, what am I supposed to do? It's so expensive to buy a dress. It was hard to decide whether or not I should go." -- Trang Huynh on whether to attend a friend's prom at Crawford H.S. after missing her own.

Gown Giveaway Lets Teens Shine on their Prom Night appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on April 22, 2017.


Financial Literacy

"Student loans are now higher than credit cards and automobile loans combined" -- Jim Chilton, CEO of the nonprofit, Society for Financial Awareness

The Worm in the Apple: Public Education Without Financial Literacy was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on April 23, 2017

" . . . our country spends first, saves last, and makes decisions in a ready-fire-aim mentality." -- Jim Chilton, CEO of Society for Financial Awareness

Saying "No" or "Not Now" Could be a Life-Changer appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on April 9, 2017.


Hope for Homeless?

Homelessness is getting worse in San Diego: unsheltered chronically homeless increased from 1,087 in 2016 to 1750 in 2017. As Government Saunters, Homeless Crisis Accelerates was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on April 23, 2017.

Homeless Up 5% in the County, Skyrockets Downtown appeared in San Diego Union Tribune on April 21, 2017

“There’s got to be a remedy; something’s got to be done. This is like the Great Depression.” -- Juanita Broughman, 11 years homeless in East Village. Lots of Talk for Homeless, Verging on Action was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on April 9, 2017.