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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Skills Employers Want

What are companies looking for? According to the LinkedIn articles below: technology skills. But all is not lost if you're not a techie. If you're not a software engineer or don't have "Search Engine Optimization" in your resume, learn to be a good Project Manager, which combines leadership, creativity, and people skills to get a job done.

“What’s most in demand and the hardest to get is the combination (tech skills and 'soft' skills),” said Comcast Cable’s EVP of HR Bill Strahan. “It’s getting, for example, someone who is highly technical, but then has that and the leadership skills or to have that and the business strategy skills.”

Here Are the Skills That Hiring Managers at the 50 LinkedIn Top Companies Want by Maya Pope-Chappell, Senior News Editor at LinkedIn.

"Project management is more than just a nice-to-have skill or even a profession. It is a way of thinking. Or, better yet, a structured approach to preventing and solving problems." -- Oliver Yarbrough, LinkedIn Learning Author.

Growing Companies Crave Techies. But They Need Good Project Managers, Too by Oliver Yarbrough, LinkedIn Learning Author.

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